Critical Business Success: Target Research and Segmentation

Learn how to avoid the mistake most struggling businesses make in trying to sell what they have produced instead of producing what they can sell.
Skillieo · November 26, 2017

Businesses and marketing managers need relevant, accurate, reliable, valid and current information on their competitive marketing environment to help them make sound business decisions based on facts and current market realities rather than guts, intuitions or feelings.

Knowing how to conduct a marketing research will help businesses make numerous strategic and tactical decisions in the process of identifying and satisfying customer needs, and make decisions about potential opportunities, target market selection, market segmentation, planning and implementing marketing programs.

In this course, you will learn how to apply market research tools to evaluate your product or service against various market variables, competition and consumers to find out if the market will respond favorably to your offering, and identify the market segment to concentrate your marketing efforts on in order to get the most profitable results.

  • Conduct an effective marketing research
  • Easily apply the market segmentation and choose the target group
  • Effectively use the SWOT matrix for taking the best business decisions
  • Easily differentiate yourself from the competition using the unique selling offer and the guarantees
  • Successfully develop your business using the best growth strategies: concentration, vertical integration and diversification
  • Take your company to the top using the competitive strategies
  • Take advantage of the “Do less than the competition” strategy
  • Use in your benefit the specificity of the demand for your products or services
  • Determine with less effort the consumers to buy from you
  • Make your customers loyal knowing the 4 main types of consumer behavior …and so much more

This course is suitable for Marketing Newbies, Marketing and Sales Professionals, Business Owners and Managers or anyone who would like to refine their skills and benefit from the advantages this marketing knowledge could bring to their work. No prior knowledge is necessary.

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