How to Communicate Effectively as a Manager

Step up your communication and social skills to build trust and engagement with your subordinates and rapport with your superiors and business partners.
Skillieo · November 26, 2017

Influence, Motivate, Inspire and Build Rapport

Whether you’re an extrovert or an introvert, as a manager, it is your duty to ensure organizational results and goals are achieved together as a team. keeping up effective communication within your team is an absolute must if you need to influence, motivate, inspire and lead your teams to success and maximize productivity.

Also, stepping up your communication and social skills is important, not only for coaching, giving clear guidelines, building trust and engagement with your subordinates, but also for building rapport with your superiors and partners.

Improve Your Oral and Written Communication

This course teaches managers the art of effective oral and written communication to help them write with impact, speak confidently and get the most out of negotiations. You will learn the secrets of effective vertical and horizontal communication and discover ways to motivate and inspire your people to be more committed using trigger words to get the results you want, easier and faster.

  • Use the magic words that will open the communication path with each member of your team
  • Give and receive an effective feedback and use the 360 degree feedback when it’s appropriate
  • Defuse any quarrel or tense situation using only a few words but the most effective ones
  • Be more convincing when you talk on the phone
  • Get rid of the fear of speaking in public and make your speech more persuasive
  • Write an effective business letter that sells using the 3A technique
  • Make your team work knowing what to emphasize and what to avoid
  • Deal with each of the 5 phases in the life of your team in order to get the best results
  • Have the most effective team meetings
  • Use the right negotiation style adapted to each situation you deal with
  • Use the 9 most effective negotiation techniques in order to get the most out of a negotiation
  • Use with diplomacy the right words in the most difficult and delicate situations
  • Turn the ordinary answers to greetings into memorable replies
  • Choose the most favorable position when you communicate at a table
  • Apply 6 valuable tips that can help you increase your prestige through an image that inspires trust …and more

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