Marketing Insights: Advanced Marketing Mix Strategy and Management

Discover how to add perceived value to your customer while adding value to your business as well.
Skillieo · November 26, 2017

All businesses want to beat their competition with valuable products, competitive pricing, excellent promotion strategy and effective distribution channels and you or your business should also do the same.

In this course you will learn how to mix and leverage the 7Ps of marketing to extend your product offer and enhance customer value. You will learn how to run effective promotion campaigns and discover creative ways to brand your products while adopting the right pricing policy and distribution channels to increase sales and ensure business growth.

  • Understand what are the most important activities in the marketing department
  • Focus on the essential components of the marketing mix
  • Make an attractive packaging that will enhance your sales
  • Make your products more appealing using the product strategies
  • Overcome the decline phase in your product life cycle
  • Apply the essential pricing strategies in order to get a sustainable sales increase
  • Put in practice the right pricing strategies when you launch a new product or when you want to eliminate your competition
  • Avoid the 15 major promotion mistakes that can ruin your business
  • Run a successful promotion campaign knowing what you should take into consideration
  • Use merchandising and public relations as effective ways of promotion
  • Increase the power of your distribution channels …and so much more

This course is suitable for Marketing Newbies, Marketing and Sales Professionals, Business Owners and Managers or anyone who would like to refine their skills and benefit from the advantages this marketing knowledge could bring to their work. No prior knowledge is necessary.

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