Public Speaking & Effective Communication

This course will make you a better communicator by teaching you the appropriate skills you need to make you a good speaker ad presenter. It will help you will develop that personal confidence that comes from knowing what you want to say and being comfortable with your communication skills.
Skillieo · March 22, 2017

Presentations and public speaking are necessary skills for your business and career. However, these are some of the most difficult skills to master. Can you present without any fear? Standing up in front of a large group of people is a nerve-wracking experience for anyone. But with practice and expert advice, you can tackle your fears head on, deliver more engaging speeches – and actually start to enjoy public speaking.

This course offers everything the business communicator needs to improve public speaking and oral presentation skills. You will learn techniques that will allow you to stand up in front of large audiences and deliver your message with confidence and clarity. Your self-confidence will increase as you master these effective, successful public speaking methods. You will learn about the entire oral presentation process, including how to plan, organize and deliver a presentation.

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