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Social Media Marketing: Platforms and Tools

Skillieo August 15, 2019


Social Media Marketing (Part 2) develops the skills needed to implement the full range of social media tools and platforms that allow marketers to build and sustain relationships with customers. It builds upon Social Media Marketing (Part 1) and expands upon the topics and platforms introduced in that module. In this module participants will learn about the challenges of implementing an effective social media strategy for their business, especially using paid advertising options within each social network.

Participants will cover some supplementary social media channels such as YouTube, Google+ and Pinterest and learn the importance of these for specific tasks. Looking at social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, they will learn how to use advanced features such as Insights and Analytics. You will also become familiar with how to schedule, manage and report on your campaigns and social initiatives.

Finally, participants will learn how to measure, and optimize your social media campaigns, and become familiar with relevant laws in this area.